About Us

Building Blocks is a plotting development company for the ‘Next Gen’ India. A company ‘Of the Indians, By the Indians & For the Indians’. Building Blocks believes in driving real estate opportunities to the common Indian across various locations in the subcontinent.

The company has been formed by a group of seasoned professionals having a collective experience of over 3 decades in Real Estate Industry. As an organization, we aim to fulfill the dreams of millions of customers desiring to “Own a piece of Land”. Promise of Delivery, Transparency, Large-Scale Development, Integrity, Growth, Unity and Excellence are our core values that drive us to deliver ‘Land of Prosperity’ to our customers. A team of energized professionals drive forward the company’s vision and mission with relentless passion and enthusiasm in various departments including Architecture, Legal, Engineering, Marketing and Sales.


Building Blocks has reached a landmark as it believes, “The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray”. With Foundation, the group takes part in various service events. It works to add value and give back to the society. At Building Blocks, Corporate Social Responsibility has been a keystone as creating value for society is always an integral part of Building Blocks. We presume contributing to the development of society is an extension of our core practices. We consider it an internal process that reflects company’s soul. Foundation is a close-to-heart initiative of Building Blocks. The social empowerment of the underprivileged is the motive behind it. It covers responsibility towards society, environment and corporate sector. With this Building Blocks would like to be a catalyst of change in society.

Brand Logo

The name "Building Blocks" evokes all that is positive, rich & aspirational in business and in life. It exemplifies integrity, quality, performance, perfection and above all, character. Our logo is the symbolic reflection of these traits. It is the cornerstone of our corporate identity. It helps us leverage the unique Building Blocks brand and endows us with a distinctive visual image. Depicted in vibrant, rich colours, it is very arresting and shows a large parcel of land split into smaller plots signifying our core business and an inner circle symbolising the internal universe of Building Blocks; and a dynamic meeting of rays converging and diverging. Through its wide usage, we create a consistent, impact-oriented Group image. This undoubtedly enhances our profile among our internal and external stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Transparency in our dealings.
  • Growth for customer, associates and Building Blocks.
  • Provide excellent location giving best returns for every rupee of our customer.
  • Long Term Growth than Short Term Returns.
  • Unity and Togetherness.
  • Promise of Delivery.
  • We give top priority to perfection than Excellence.